Pop-punk legends New Found Glory have just shared their latest single, “Get Me Home.” The song comes off their upcoming acoustic album, Make the Most of It, which is set to be released on January 20th via Revelation Records.

The new song is raw and direct, detailing the realism necessary required for living life, as you never know what may arise and derail even the best laid plans. “Major surgery, battling cancer and pleading with the doctors and surgeons to do all in their power to get you home and back to the future you’ve always hoped for,” New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert explains. “[‘Get Me Home’ is] heavy stuff but wrapped into one big sing along.”

Fans can watch the accompanying music video for “Get Me Home” below.

Make the Most of It features seven brand new tracks written in the wake of Gilbert’s cancer diagnosis — including “Get Me Home” and lead single “Dream Born Again,” — alongside seven live acoustic versions of fan favorites. Make The Most Of It is a rumination on what it means to grieve, to live, to approach every day with appreciation and a sense of fulfillment.

The album is available for pre-order here.

In December 2021, fresh off the celebratory Pop Punk’s Still Not Dead Tour in support of their 10th album, Forever + Ever x Infinity, Gilbert was found unresponsive in bed at home, rushed to a local hospital, and diagnosed with an 8-inch cancerous tumor, a rare pheochromocytoma. Hospital stays, surgery, and a long road to recovery followed – but, in typical New Found Glory fashion, so did the songs.

I didn’t want this to be the ‘cancer record’ originally,” Gilbert admits. “But when we went on tour and people started hearing the story and connecting to it, I gave up on trying to control the narrative. Not all bands are dealt these cards, but we were. Let’s take these songs and help the disease get awareness and raise money for a cause that’s working on education and research for my rare cancer.”

A percentage of proceeds from Make The Most Of It will go to The Pheo Para Alliance, the longest standing internationally recognized leader in advocacy for, and awareness of, pheochromocytoma.

Even though the songs are sadder, they’re still hopeful,” Gilbert says. “You hear so much online about mental health and fear and anxiety. I feel proud that we can release an album with joy and honesty in a way that will hopefully make people less fearful of life. A lot of times we punish ourselves for things that might never happen. I’m going through something that did happen, but doing it with hope and joy and a greater appreciation.


New Found Glory artwork


  1. Dream Born Again
  2. Mouth To Mouth
  3. Get Me Home
  4. Watch The Lilies Grow
  5. More Than Enough
  6. Kiss The Floor
  7. Bloom
  8. Understatement
  9. All Downhill From Here
  10. Dressed To Kill
  11. The Story So Far
  12. Failures Not Flattering
  13. My Friends Over You
  14. Hit Or Miss