Nearly 15 years into his career, country hitmaker Chris Janson keeps things simple on his Big Machine debut.

Chris Janson is nothing if not a man of the people. The singer of “Good Vibes” and “The Reel Bass Pro” has built a lasting career in country thanks to evergreen stories of basic desires and faith. His songs capture our collective longing for simplicity in all its forms. We want a good life with a good partner on affordable land we purchase using money earned from hard work at a job that doesn’t kill us, and so does Chris Janson. 

But above all things, I think we each want to be loved. It may be a bit cliche, but for a good reason. The innate human desire for acceptance and connection has existed within us longer than our want for any physical thing or product. The best truck and boat in the world will feel like scrap metal if you go through life alone. It’s a tale as old as time but one worth repeating.

“All I Need Is You,” Janson’s debut single with Big Machine Records, separates needs for wants in a sweeping romantic gesture. The verses deal with the frivolous desires of human minds, while the chorus zeroes in on what matters most. It’s a simple song, but that’s what makes it unique. Chris Janson doesn’t need shock and awe to make us feel something because he understands the human heart. 

Co-written with Ashley Gorley, Brad Clawson, and Mitch Oglesby, a veritable murderer’s row of Nashville hitmakers, “All I Need Is You” plays into Janson’s strengths while inverting the tried and true format of the Missouri native’s biggest hits (not to mention much of the current country top 10). You don’t need a Ford or Chevy to be happy, owning a Yeti won’t keep you warm at night (even if it works wonders for coffee), and working yourself to the bone won’t give your life meaning.

If the last few years have reinforced any beliefs in me it’s the idea that time is fleeting. We waste so much of our lives aspiring to own things or experience things that ultimately don’t matter. We can’t be expected to act as if every day is our last because nobody would go to work if that were the case, but we can make an effort to ensure everyone in our lives understands that they matter. We can aspire to convey the love we feel for one another and to receive the love of others in return. We should want more of the simple things, and “All I Need Is You” is the perfect reminder of that.

Chris Janson is currently touring throughout the United States. You can learn more about his upcoming dates and any plans for new music that may arise by visiting his website. We also recommend his Instagram