Brampton-based Arcane Ghosts is a pop-punk band formed over a couple of beers at ad I’ve bar in the heart of university town Kitchener-Waterloo. Influenced by artists such as Dance Gavin Dance, Basement, and Citizen, the band combine raw emotion and math skills to craft their own unique brand of pop-punk.

Arcane Ghosts released their debut EP, Traveller, back in February 2017 and they went out on tour with Rarity, Heavy Hearts, and Certainly to support the release. Outside of their heavy touring schedule, the band are working on new music and even released their latest music video for “Dissipate” earlier his year. While their new EP is due to be out in early-2019, we have the exclusive premiere of their aggressive and catchy new track “Petrified.”

“‘Petrified’ is actually the last song we wrote for our EP. We wrote this song on our last night in the studio all together as a band. The general theme of the song is based off a lot of the drama TV shows I was watching at the time (Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, Nashville). I noticed a recurring theme in all of those shows, and that was loneliness. It always seemed that there was one character who had a happy life, everything they wanted, but still felt empty, and in an attempt to fill that void, they would try different things,” explains vocalist/guitarist Jason Diaz. “‘Petrified’ is actually a story line I played out in my head of a husband who loves his wife very much, but decides that he is not happy with his life, and goes out and cheats on his wife with another woman. She then finds out and divorces him, and losing hat one person whom he held dear for so long absolutely destroys him. This character then does everything he can tot ry and win back the love of his life when he realizes she won’t be coming back.”

Arcane Ghosts next show will be at The Rose Theater in Brampton on December 20th with Courage, My Love. You can keep up with the band on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.