The moment One Direction fans have been waiting for is finally here. Harry Styles has released his debut solo single, “Sign Of The Times,” and in doing so launched the next phase of his career. It might not be what fans expected, but it is precisely what the world needs at this moment in time.

Released Friday morning, “Sign of the Times” channels the sonic aesthetics of David Bowie with a piano-driven sound that reflects on the chaos of the modern world in a way that carries an ever-so-slight silver lining. Styles both acknowledged the troubles of the world, as well as his inability to cure it, but he refuses to let the things he cannot control take over his existence. He still has air in his lungs and hope in his heart, which for the time being is more than enough to continue clinging to the promise of a better tomorrow. Check it out:

It seems safe to assume “Sign of the Times” is not the type of single fans of Styles’ time with One Direction were expecting to hear this week. Like former directioner Zayn Malik before him Styles has chosen to largely abandon the sound that helped establish his name in hopes of creating a rare second path to success in the entertainment industry. It’s a bold move that pays off with a brilliant, consuming sound that speaks to the world we live in today. It’s unclear if fans would embrace an entire album with this mature sound, but early reactions from Twitter point to followers being open to whatever Styles has to share.

Here are a few reactions we found to “Sign of the Times” just this morning:

Let’s be honest: The world embracing the next phase of Harry Styles’ career with open arms is not exactly a surprise. One Direction were the biggest group on the planet for half a decade, so it only makes sense that demand for more music from the members of the group still exists. How long it lasts is another story altogether, but right now things are looking pretty good for Mr. Styles.