One of the great discoveries we make while growing up is the realization our parents, just like us, are people. They are not superheroes or some kind mythic guardians, but more or less average human beings who taken on great importance to us because without them we would not exist. Before we came into their lives our parents were just two people living out their lives, and as Marie Miller notes on her new single there is something special about that understanding.

Today we are thrilled to partner with Marie Miller for the premiere of her latest recording, “Boardwalk,” which draws parallels between her experiences and those of her parents in the time before she was born. Heartache is at the center of everything, at least for this song, but Miller finds a sense of comfort in knowing she is not going through anything her parents could not handle. In fact, she knows from her parents’ similar experiences in their youth that life only got better with time, and that knowledge brings a great sense of peace amidst an otherwise chaotic world. You can listen to the song below:

Discussing the story behind “Boardwalk,” Marie Miller told us:

”I wrote Boardwalk inspired by my parents who grew up near the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and spent their teenage years near the Pacific Ocean. I grew up in the country in Virginia and had my first break up in a field. When they both comforted me and told me they knew exactly how it felt, I realized how they went through all the same teenage things but on the other side of the country. It connected me to them in a really cool way.”

“Boardwalk” is just one of many songs that will appear on Miller’s new album Letterbox, which arrives in stores and online April 28 through Curb Records. Pre-orders are available now and moving fast. Don’t wait to support this great talent.