Glass Animals
Aragon Ballroom // Chicago, IL // September 28,2017

The last time Glass Animals headlined a show in Chicago, they were at The Riviera Theatre, a modest but impressive venue that showcased the band’s energy and excitement. This time, they sold out the Aragon Ballroom, a huge and literal ballroom that holds 5,000 people. Complete with a huge pixelated television, their classic Tetris-style lights, and, of course, pineapples, Glass Animals put on a wildly successful show at the Aragon. Ever since the release of their first album, Zaba, in 2014, the UK band have become a global hit. Following their Lollapalooza performance in August, the band continued to tour across the U.S. to both new and die-hard fands.

Jazz/funk artist Amber Mark opened the show for Glass Animals, playing a number of soulful ballads and R&B-infused pop songs. The 23-year old singer-songwriter gained nearly overnight recognition when she published her first song “Space” on SoundCloud. The hypnotic and chill beat made it onto Zane Lowe’s radio show, and the rest is history. Mark is a strong complement to Glass Animals, tuning into their off-kilter beats and catchy lyrics. Although many didn’t know this young artist, the audience was into her performance and clapped along with their hands held high. Mark’s debut EP, 3:33am, has already caught the attention of some of music’s biggest names, and it’s likely that her fame will only continue to grow.

Glass Animals frontman Dave Bayley refuses to stand still. When the band came on for their set, it was nearly impossible to track him for a few moments, as he immediately darted from one side of the stage to the other. The band’s aesthetic does wonders for their live show; the stage was adorned with 12-foot palm trees, a watermelon drum set, and ever-changing rainbow lights. No two frames that came out of my camera were the same. Similar to the last time they were in Chicago, Glass Animals started off the night with “Life Itself”, the from their newest album, How to be a Human Being. The album reached the Top 20 in the US charts and found a home in America’s indie rock staples. They also played hits from Zaba, including “Black Mambo” and “Hazey”, two songs that perfectly capture the band’s peanut butter vibes. The entire show was loaded with passion, electricity, and their assurance that they’re only going to get bigger.

Glass Animals are currently touring the U.S. then traveling to Australia. Get tickets for their upcoming shows HERE.

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Glass Animals