No two people have the same memories of an experience they share. The major events might be the same, but the details have a way of shifting and taking on a new light depending on each person’s life experiences, emotions, and state of mind. That’s why communication is such a key part of a relationship, as to make sure everyone is on the same page. That can be especially difficult after a breakup, when communication obviously slows down. It’s in this area that pop artist Lydia Halloway finds herself in on new track “Gold,” which dropped today.

Halloway’s delicate, floating voice is paired perfectly with a pop instrumental that shines bounces throughout the runtime. There are a few electronic influences in the chorus to spice things up, and the varied percussion is surely going to move your feet. Emotionally, there’s an interesting blend of feelings on “Gold.” Halloway acknowledges she made mistakes on her journey, but argues she wants to make amends for the perception she left on the other person. There’s regret and remorse on the track, but it’s mixed with a hope that things can be at least partially patched up. Altogether, “Gold” is an engaging and beautifully pop construction.

Halloway explained the emotions that went into “Gold,” saying “I wrote this song after the end of a really long, beautiful relationship. I didn’t handle things with perfect grace or maturity at the end (I was nineteen) and my ex ended up really demonizing me afterward. ‘Gold’ is about reconciling with that and resetting the narrative on my own terms – I’m not perfect, but I’m not so bad.”

Take a listen to “Gold” below.