In the music scene, there are plenty of people working to do good and help others. Each summer, an array of nonprofits travel the country on Warped Tour to promote their cause and raise awareness and donations, and musicians like Andrew McMahon, X Ambassadors, and plenty others work with nonprofits on tours of their own.

But it’s not just the scene’s biggest names that are working hard to make a difference. After the passing of the organizer’s neighbor, Sue Marchetti, in the winter of 2014 to pancreatic cancer, Susiepalooza was started in July 2015 to benefit The Lustgarten Foundation for pancreatic cancer research. The Lustgarten Foundation is local to Long Island, and donates all proceeds directly to pancreatic cancer research. To date, the Susiepalooza events have raised over $23,000 for The Lustgarten Foundation. Past performers have included Grayscale, Stories Untold (Razor and Tie Records), and Chase Huglin (InVogue Records), as well as several local and regional acts. This year’s event will take place on August 11, and while the lineup has yet to be announced, it’s looking to be the biggest and best yet.

In advance of the fourth annual Susiepalooza, the event organizers are releasing their third annual compilation (previous compilations can be heard here). The Great Big Susiepalooza Comp: Volume 3 features 100 songs for only $5, which can be listened to here. Proceeds from the compilation album will benefit the annual summer show and The Lustgarten Foundation themselves. This time, they’ve teamed up with Hopeless Records to present and sponsor the compilation, in honor of Adam Fox, a close friend of the label who lost his battle with pancreatic cancer last year. The event organizers had reached out to Hopeless about having their artists’ music included on the compilation, but the label was eager to take a larger role in helping to promote the compilation and have their name on it in Fox’s honor. Hopeless Records president Louis Posen says, “Adam Fox was a great friend to Hopeless/Sub City and deeply passionate about music. His memory and love of music live on and continue to make a difference through this awesome comp and show. We are honored to be a part of it.”

Hopeless Records and Adam Fox Present The Great Big Susiepalooza Comp: Volume 3

The Great Big Susiepalooza Comp: Volume 3 will include tracks from artists like Sum 41, OK Go, Kississippi, Silverstein, Modern Chemistry, SECRETS, Born Without Bones, Harmony Woods, A Lot Like Birds, Save Face, Bogues, A Will Away, and Young & Heartless, as well as many others. The full tracklisting for the compilation can be seen below, and we encourage you to purchase it for yourself here. There are plenty of new artists to be discovered, and in addition to finding some new favorite bands, you’ll always be supporting a great cause.

Hopeless Records and Adam Fox Present: The Great Big Susiepalooza Comp: Volume 3 – Tracklisting:

  1. Sum 41 – War
  2. OK Go – Upside Down & Inside Out
  3. Silverstein – The Afterglow
  4. Kississippi – Indigo
  5. Creeper – Poison Pens
  6. Bayside – Mary
  7. Finger Eleven – Good Times (Live)
  8. Aaron Gillespie – Young, Loved, and Dumb
  9. Wicca Phase Springs Eternal – Don’t Get Me Started
  10. The Sunday Sadness – The Wrong Way
  11. Eighteen Visions – Oath
  12. !!! – Galcher
  13. Chase Atlantic – Okay
  14. Being As An Ocean – Black & Blue
  15. Vein – Progenitor
  16. Restless Streets – A Little More Us
  17. For What It’s Worth – Westbound
  18. Local H – The Misanthrope
  19. Is Tropical – Lights On
  20. Tiny Blue Ghost – Monochromatic
  21. Backtrack – Breaking Loose
  22. Picturesque – Just Exist
  23. ALAZKA – Phoenix
  24. Mest – Say So Long (Broken Down 2 Version)
  25. Head Spell – Shut-In
  26. The Gospel Youth – Kids
  27. Story Untold – Delete
  28. Table Talk – The Water Table
  29. Saintseneca – Fed Up With Hunger (2012 Demo Version)
  30. Kublai Khan – The Hammer
  31. VUKOVI – I’m Wired
  32. Hodera – North Dakota
  33. Gleemer – Dryness
  34. Incendiary – Front Toward Enemy
  35. Coldfront – Float Around
  36. Staircase Spirits – That Night III
  37. Free Throw – Randy, I Am The Liquor
  38. Older Than Oceans – Merritt
  39. MAKESHIFT – Horrible
  40. Tennis System – Lackluster
  41. Cash Basket – Beach
  42. Greyhaven – Echo and Dust Pt. I
  43. Sanction – The Infringement Of God’s Plan
  44. ROAM – The Rich Life Of A Poor Man
  45. Lost & Adrift – C Is The New F
  46. Void Of Vision – Ghost In The Machine
  47. Boy Hits Car – Silhouettes Fade
  48. Casanova – Fox Glove
  49. Petite League – Sun Dogs
  50. Separations – Backfire
  51. Relapse – Denature
  52. Modern Chemistry – Sleeptalk
  53. Choir Vandals – Today I Started Loving You Again (Merle Haggard Cover)
  54. Joy – Tear Me Down
  55. SECRETS – Five Years
  56. De’Wayne Jackson – Truth Is
  57. Heavy Hearts – Unravel (Your Love)
  58. Born Without Bones – Romance
  59. Parallel – The Concept Of Dreaming
  60. Harmony Woods – Negro Y Azul
  61. A Lot Like Birds – The Sound Of Us
  62. Save Face – Preoccupied (On The Rocks)
  63. Northwoods – 11.01.2011
  64. Belle Haven – Me
  65. Year Of The Knife – Your Lucky Day
  66. Carcer City – Wolf Without A Pack
  67. Of Virtue – Surrounded
  68. Back Garden Light – Jumping Fences
  69. Bogues – Orchard To Bartnick
  70. Hi, Mom – Coping Lessons
  71. Regrown – Chuck Coleman Sesh Interruption
  72. Øff Guard – Hidden Messages
  73. SP_CE – Alaskaa
  74. SHREDD – Super Toast
  75. EXNATIONS – Never About The Money
  76. Alumni – Paint
  77. foxy dads – Soft Yes
  78. This Is Pointless – Not a dream, Alice, a premonition.
  79. A Will Away – The Shakes
  80. Bloodbather – Pressure
  81. Heavens Die – The Weight Of All Sin
  82. Basilisk – Break Free
  83. Viewpoints – Empty Handed
  84. Dyne Side – Exit Human
  85. Finnbogi – Young Love
  86. Hold Fast Hope – Fade
  87. Born A New – Dehumanized
  88. END – Usurper
  89. Downswing – Cut The Brakes
  90. Between You & Me – Overthinker
  91. Firestarter – What’s Left Of Us
  92. Shakeout – Closed Doors
  93. Val Verde – Once
  94. JAB – Homegrown Hate
  95. Our Hollow, Our Home – Feast For The Crows
  96. The Machinist – False Hope
  97. 3weekoldroses – Tell Me About Yourself
  98. Somewhere To Call Home – Neglect
  99. Heavy Tides – Stuck In My Head
  100. Young & Heartless – Bad Brain




For more information on the Lustgarten Foundation, visit their website. For more information on Susiepalooza, visit their Facebook page.