“Wendy’s been holdin at down for like a minute now/Mickey D was tryin to beef/it’s time to finish now”

It was on this day: Friday, March 23rd, 2018 that Wendy’s took turned up the heat and came for McDonald’s with bars so hot and so fresh that you can still hear the sizzle. It’s been nearly a year since Wendy’s decided to launch a total assault on McDonald’s for continuing to use frozen beef in 2017. The two have taken countless digs at each other in the following months: Twitter beef has gone viral, Wendy’s launched an entire ad-campaign that tore McDonald’s beef to shreds, and with the release of their new We Beefin mixtape, Wendy’s comes out the gate proving their ready to serve yet another course of their famously fresh, never frozen beef.

One listen to We Beefin? left me shook. As viral as their previous confrontations have become, there’s always been room for something more. Fans of the masterful craft that Wendy’s has been displaying up until this point have been left thirsting for something more tangible — something that didn’t rely on the prowess of social media. And apparently, the only thing in the Wendy’s arsenal that’s more refreshing than the beats used on this mixtape are the crisp, cold fountain beverages available at every location. Lyrics like “What’s more childish than Twitter beef/Especially when you know you really can’t compete” and “BK? Don’t act like you got away/You copied my old menu then put it out on replay” show that Wendy’s has no qualms about getting up in the competition’s grill. There’s only room for one queen of beef, and my money’s on the young gun who keeps it fresh.

The competition never stood a chance. Furthermore, how does the competition respond? Trying to come for Wendy’s would play out like the Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj beef that y’all already forgot about: Remy stayed irrelevant while Nicki got a sales bump. Wendy’s is not playin’ yall, and only one thing can be said for certain: the competition is about to get real salty.

Listen to We Beefin? below.