There are a lot of things that it takes to make a band great. The songwriting has to be there, the musicianship has to be top-notch, and you can’t forget stage presence and image. But at the end of the day, none of these things matter if a band doesn’t have true fans – the type of fans that fall in love with a band’s music because they relate to what the band has to say. Philadelphia’s Grayscale have all of these things, and most importantly, they make music that listeners can relate to.

Grayscale released their album Adornment on Fearless Records in May of 2017, and they’ve now shared a new music video for the song “Forever Yours.” “Forever Yours” is an acoustic song with a message many of us know all too well: tell the people you love how you feel about them before it’s too late. The video, which can be seen above, sees vocalist Collin Walsh singing and playing acoustic guitar alone on stage, while memories play on a screen behind him. Walsh told Billboard, “‘Forever Yours’ is a song about regret…. It’s a song about a relationship falling apart without having a chance to gain closure due to unfortunate circumstances.”

Later this month, Grayscale will head to Europe to go on tour with As It Is, WSTR and Courage My Love; following that, they’ll tour the UK with As It Is and Like Pacific. Head to their website for a full list of upcoming tour dates. They haven’t announced US touring plans for 2018, but we’ll be sure to let you know when they do. Follow Substream on Twitter so you don’t miss an update on all things Grayscale.