Molehill are natural storytellers, and that’s none more evident than on their new EP, Hearts on Fire. Within the 3-song EP, the Chicago-based band reflect on heartbreak, hope and strength. The songs are all tied to the band members’ personal experiences, which brings in an element of emotion that connects to the listeners.

Today, we are happy to premiere the third and final single from the EP, “Old Soldier.” It’s a somber track that chronicles the life of bassist Trevor Jones’s grandfather, who served in World War II. From beginning to end, the song sounds eerie–as if hearing the words from a ghost–but that only adds to the emotion of the song and amplifies the listening experience. When asked about the track, Jones says:

“The ‘Old Soldier’ instrumental came to me in a wave of emotions after finding out that my Grandfather had taken a turn for the worst in late 2014. My Grandfather’s reflections on his experience in WWII and remarkable life stay with me every day. Throughout our time together I would often find myself asking him questions about his life. It was hard for me to understand how someone who experienced so much pain and suffering could always maintain an unshakably positive attitude about people and life. In short, it was inspiring.”

Hearts On Fire is out on May 12 and available for pre-order here. The first two singles can be heard on SoundCloud.