We still don’t know whether or not Die Antwoord will really call it quits before the end of 2017, but until they say otherwise we have to live every day believing the end is near. We have to appreciate every moment we still have with the duo because they could be our last, which should be all the reason you need to lose your mind over their new single, “Love Drug,” and their upcoming world tour.

We first told you about “Love Drug” back in April. If you recall, Die Antwoord announced on social media that the song would be the lead single off their upcoming album, which would also be their last. The track has all the markings of a Die Antwoord track, with frantic rhyming over the same bass-heavy production that has defined the group’s sound from day one. The lyric video (seen above) finds the duo using colored pencils to write out the words to their new song, which admittedly makes following along with Yo-Landi and Ninja’s quick-tongued raps much easier.

In addition to sharing “Love Drug,” Die Antwoord have also announced plans for an extensive world tour that will keep the duo busy until the fall. We are not sure this is a ‘farewell tour,’ but given the length and number of countries visited it would certainly make for a fitting final bow before the year is out. Dates can be found below. Tickets for most US dates go on sale this Friday.

The Book of Zef, Die Antwoord’s final album, will be out sometime this year.Die Antwoord Love Drug final tour