Rocky Point Holiday is the pseudonym of multi-instrumentalist and singer/song-writer, Billy Perkins, and one that he uses to let all of his thoughts run free in.

Rocky Point Holiday is a project that prides itself on not chasing a specific sound — instead, Perkins experiments with everything from country to hip-hip, folk, pop-punk, indie, and everything in between. There are no rules or any pressure to take the project in any specific direction, no fear of failure; the only caveat is to embrace whatever comes naturally in the studio.

The initial songs released by Rocky Point Horror — “LOTUS” and “BRAIN” — are but a prelude to the many chapters to follow. A year on pause gave Perkins plenty of extra time to bring these songs to life through various forms of media, and Substream is thrilled to be teaming up with RPH to play a part in revealing these plans by premiering the brand new music video for “BRAIN,” which you can find below.

The video is a black and white nod to 1950’s horror movies, adding another layer of intrigue to the already engaging and lucid “BRAIN.”

‘BRAIN’ was written and recorded on the job one slow day at the grocery store I sold Japanese chocolates at in the West Loop,” Perkins says on the song. “This is a song about how self development will never end. Every point in life, someone will be thinking you aren’t good enough and nothing you can say will change that, only what you do. The concept of holes in my brain is a metaphor for this feeling of  “missing parts” that others are built with.”

On the music video, he elaborates, “My vision for the music video while writing ‘BRAIN’ years ago was zombies but was unable to make it happen so after a new mix and fate brought me and Julian Asper together, I couldn’t resist. He came into my current job early this year minutes after I remembered the zombie concept and his passion for video and horror came into conversation inspiring us to, with the help of co-director Zac Clingenpeel and makeup from McKenzie Fitzpatrick, bring this (back) to life.

You can keep up with Rocky Point Holiday on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.