Today, the Australian, LA based pop-rock band Between Kings release their new single and video for “Young Love”.


“With “Young Love” we wanted to capture the times when we’ve never been more in love. It’s about that one person who you can’t live without. From the first time you meet to even years later, it’s about the swell of emotion and energy they bring into your life. With the video we wanted to show that emotion and tell a story of two people finding each other in an unexpected way through the experiences they have. We’re a band that heavily supports mental health issues, we’ve been outspoken about that a lot and along with that we also want to support free expression to be who you feel without judgement. “
-Between Kings-

We had the opportunity to chat with Between Kings guitarist Jordan Coyne on the growth of the band and 2021 plans.

Substream: How has the band developed since your first release?
JC: Been a band for as long as we have, we’ve found the time in between our first release “The Escape” and our new album “Young Love” the biggest jump in our careers. We’ve had so much more touring experiences, traveling, meeting fans and talking to them. To growth in our personal lives and how we perceive the world and what happens around us. Sonically this album is a departure from our first but we feel we have finally found the Between Kings sound. So as much as it is a scary time for us it’s also the most exciting to see what will come and how people will react.

Substream:What’s it like living in LA and leaving home?
JC: Leaving everything you know and love behind is one of the hardest things we’ve had to do. Having said that we would do it a million times over to have the opportunity to chase our dreams like we’ve been granted. Australia will always be home but the United States people have been so welcoming that this has easily become our second home.

Substream: What have the ups and downs been like? 
JC: There are so many to choose from but I’ll give one major up and one major down.
One of the greatest experiences of my life is getting ready to play a show at the Hard Rock Cafe on the Las Vegas strip. We were laughing and reminiscing on times when we first started playing open mic nights in front of literally no one to now getting to grow and become and international band and play at some of the venues we could only read and dream about.
The biggest low is having all of that momentum and excitement torn away by COVID-19. One night we felt on top of the world like we were really making our break to the next feeling like everything we’ve worked for was crashing around us. Having said that, we know people have lost everything during this time and we’re all a people going through a collective trauma. We know we have to concentrate on what we can do and help whoever we can along the way.

Substream: What are 2021 plans musically, touring etc.
JC: Musically we’re really excited that we’ve found our sound and now we want to keep digging further. We’re already talking to people about shows and touring so that’s something we’re hoping to lock in later in the year with the drop of this album.

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