Life involves a lot of questions. There are mundane questions, like what we’re going to have for breakfast or what show we’re going to watch at night. Then there are bigger questions, like what career we want to pursue or what we want to find in a friendship or relationship. Finally, we have the biggest questions. These are the questions about the purpose of life, the presence of unseen forces in our lives, and the nature of everything. Sorting through these questions is no small feat. Nashville band VEAUX (Andrew Black, Aaron Wagner, and Dominick Wagner) have spent their lives considering these questions. They might not have all the answers, but they’ve shared their journey of pondering on new track “Heart Right.” We’ve got the premiere of the song right here on Substream.

For a song thinking on such huge ideas, “Heart Right” is suitably expansive. The trio’s vocals echo and linger as they question everything they’ve experienced up to this point, and express a desire to understand figure out the bigger question. The struggle in the lyrics is getting the “heart right,” to be in a place to understand, which is a situation all of us experience at one time or another. The track is profound, but VEAUX also keep things accessible. Quick, funky riffs and a great bass give the song a liveliness, and the poppier production gives the song a light freshness without taking away from the seriousness of the questions they’re asking. Listening to “Heart Right,” you’ll understand the journey VEAUX have been on.

VEAUX drew from both their lives and their musical career to come up with “Heart Right.” They tell us:

“‘Heart Right’ is a song that we needed to write for many reasons. A few of the songs we put out in our first year of being in a band didn’t quite capture the three of us in the way we needed it to, although I think we learned a lot. With this song, and the songs to come, we’ve worked hard to keep the pop sensibilities and also be three guys in a room playing music. This track captures our wrestle with God and other mysteries of the universe. We grew up in church all of our lives and always felt like the black sheep in the flock. We had questions. We had thoughts. We had issues. ‘Heart Right’ talks about some of the struggles we have with our faith and saying goodbye to faith of our childhood and the days we felt so certain about everything.”

You can listen to “Heart Right” below.