It’s been a while since Good Charlotte have played a basement show, but in their latest music video for “War”, they do just that.

The video centers around a young boy who, when he hears his parents start fighting, searches for an escape. He heads outside and eventually finds himself in an arcade, where it’s time to step in for someone else who’s been caught in the crossfire. Meanwhile, the band’s performance gets more and more intense, though their audience is never shown.

If you’re a longtime GC fan, get ready to feel emotional, as things come full-circle at the end of the video. “War” is the heaviest song on the group’s latest album Youth Authority, and while it’s dark, this is no time to surrender. With a reminder that “it’s always dark before the light”, there’s ultimately some inspiration to be found.

Good Charlotte will be hitting the road for a UK tour this fall, and they’ll also be performing on the first-ever Warped Rewind At Sea cruise. Enter to win a cabin on Warped Rewind At Sea here, and be sure to check out Good Charlotte’s website to see a complete list of their upcoming shows.