Kindness is not always easy. Don’t get me wrong, being kind is absolutely the right way to lead your life. But I know it can be tough sometimes. There are unfortunately people who will take advantage of that kindness, use it to their own gain, and then move on. When that happens, it hurts a lot. Rest assured, there are other people out there who value that kindness in you, and carry it in themselves. Victoria, British Columbia’s Adrian Chalifour is one of those people. Today, he’s encouraging all of us to continue being that beacon of light with his new track “Open Heart,” premiering here on Substream.

Chalifour has a way with lyrics, and from the jump “Open Heart” presents vivid imagery. “Hey now does it ever seem/Like in a world made outta concrete you’re a tangerine/In a city full of boots you’re a trampoline” he sings to start, immediately providing a stark contrast between the coldness of the world and the warmth of this kind person. After illustrating this difference, he takes to encouragement as the deliberate riffs and drums bop along, making “Open Heart” a fantastic jam to play loud. What really makes the track special is Chalifour’s own personality coming through on the track. From his upbeat delivery to the warmth in his voice, it’s easy to tell that he is one of these kind people, too. We need more people like Chalifour, and more songs like “Open Heart.”

Chalifour wrote “Open Heart” for all the people out there like him. He says:

“I wrote this song for a certain type of person that we all know. They’re the first to fall in love and the last to let go; the first to step forward and give and the last to ask anything in return. They’re an absolute gift to the people whose lives they touch, and yet it’s a tough road to walk because they’re also often left burned or short-changed. I try to create from as open, earnest and vulnerable a place as possible, while still creating music that’s big, bold and anthemic.”

Listen to “Open Heart” below, and remember to be kind today.