Today, multi-platinum hitmaker Matt Stell has announced that he will be releasing his debut album, Born Lonely, on June 7th via RECORDS’ Nashville. Pre-save/pre-order the album here.

I couldn’t be prouder of ‘Born Lonely,’” admits Stell. “When I started writing these songs, I decided to tell the truth – the good, the bad, the fun, the sad, all of it – and see what happened. It turned into the best batch of songs I’ve ever recorded.”

A versatile artist with over half a billion global career streams and a reputation for powerful performances with a pair of co-written, consecutive #1s to launch his career – the 2x-platinum “Prayed For You” and platinum “Everywhere But On” – Stell now joins the ranks of Country’s most-personal songwriters, following his 2023 EP One Of Us with a project steeped in revelation.

Born Lonely features 10 tracks that were all co-written by Stell, and is filled with self-searching anthems and magical balladry. Stell puts himself out there, as a man with a guarded heart now trying to open back up and break the broken patterns from childhood. He embraces the tender side of masculinity, standing tall in the face of entrenched heartbreak, healing, and more. Digging deep into a life story of separation and loneliness,

First setting the tone with early releases like the warning-labeled single “Breakin’ in Boots” (currently Top 40 at Country radio), autobiographical title track “Born Lonely,” and the all-in “Take the Girl,” he puts his own inner turmoil on blast – along with the romantic havoc it creates. But underneath it all, each one reveals a man done with pushing the world away.

With production by Joe Fox and Chris DeStefano, a sturdy Heartland mix matches Country confession with Hard Rock muscle, as heavy drums and roaring guitars join quiet moments of clarity. Meanwhile, Stell wields his gripping vocal like a true craftsman, building each track with heartfelt blocks of small-town spirit. Finally understanding the tricks he’s used to avoid getting hurt, he grabs ahold of self-worth with damn-the-fear determination and soul-baring vulnerability, walking through artistic fire with intrepid bravery. After finally confronting his past, growth can begin.


Matt Stell Born Lonely Artwork


  1. “Built by Broken Hearts”
  2. “Breakin’ in Boots”
  3. “Born Lonely”
  4. “Girl Gets Gone”
  5. “Into the Sunrise” 
  6. “Smooth” 
  7. “The Hard Stuff”
  8. “What We Do Best”
  9. “Take the Girl” 
  10. “One Cold Beer at a Time”