Today, rising pop star Brooke Alexx has shared her brand new single, “Hot Like You.”

The track originally went viral on Instagram Reels ahead of its official release today. The anthemic new tune features melodic guitar winces beneath a rock-solid beat, letting the momentum build before running into a chant-able chorus.

Alexx originally wrote the song about her own sisters, who she considers to be, self described, “hot” — thus the song title. Outside of that, however, the song ultimate went on to carry a deeper meaning rooted in female-empowerment. Ultimately, the track was written to where the descriptor “hot” can be swapped out for any other flattering trait applied to another person such as sweet, kind, funny, and so forth.

As Alexx is building her new life post-breakup, she finds herself surrounded by amazing women, and “Hot Like You” is her ode to them.

Being hot is a mindset, so go out and do whatever makes you feel hot!” said Alexx.

Listen to the new single below.

Celebrated by her growing worldwide audience for her candid, catchy songwriting, Alexx was recently awarded a first-place prize in American Songwriter’s Song Contest for her viral pop hit “All My Exes’ Moms.” The clever earworm has organically garnered over 25 million total streams since it was released in 2022. With “Hot Like You,” she reveals a new page from her journal.

Stay tuned for the self-directed music video which is dropping next Thursday, May 2nd.