Florida based rock group Cannibal Kids feeds their patient-awaiting fans with the highly-anticipated new project, titled, deadheads. Accompanied by the latest hit, “I Keep My Eyes Closed,” the new album speaks about falling in love, relationships and the trio’s upbringing in Southern Florida.

A follow-up to their 2017 debut, Bloom. deadheads is a brand new sound that showcases the band’s diversity and growth.

Cannibal Kids on making ‘deadheads’:

“deadheads” is our second album but the first time we’ve been this excited to release a project. This a transition album for us, filled with new sounds, textures and themes we’ve never touched before. It’s the most personal and raw collection of music we’ve ever put together and we hope people enjoy this new era of Cannibal Kids. It’s a fun, quirky and honest indie-pop album that’s got a diverse set of infectious, earworm-y tunes.

Available via Shaemax Records, Cannibal Kids new project supports their upcoming tour, the third consecutive tour for the fast-rising band within a year. For tour dates near you, follow Cannibal Kids today on Instagram and Twitter.

Stream deadheads now.