Fresh off the sandy shores of his recent release, “Gulf of Mexico,” Country music icon Tracy Lawrence has shared his foot-stomping new single, “Pretty Dang Good.”

“Pretty Dang Good” is the third track off of his upcoming EP, Out Here In It, which will be released on June 7th.

I’ve never done anything like it,” Lawrence says on the new single. “I love the opening line, ‘Some days you’re chicken, some days you’re feathers.’ It’s just so different from anything I ever considered myself doing but I love the groove of it and it’s fun to sing…I haven’t done a lot of songs like this throughout my career. I’ve always been more of a serious artist, heartbreak songs, crying in your beer kind of stuff. So this will be something a little bit different. I love singing it live, it’s a really fun song to sing.”

Written by Wyatt McCubbin, Bobby Pinson and Carson Chamberlain, “Pretty Dang Good” represents a flash of sound that instantly stamps this as a new chapter from the Country music legend. Serving as the opening track on Out Here In it, the tune features a groove-heavy sway that spreads through the bounce of the melody, matched by an undeniable slide of fiddle. It highlights all that life inevitably brings, while encouraging that any day above ground is a good one.

Watch the brand new music video for “Pretty Dang Good” below.


Tracy Lawrence out here in it


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