Wow! It’s already Valentine’s Day. Your feelings about the holiday right now are most likely in direct correlation with your current relationship status — which means you probably fall into one of three camps: 1. You’re ecstatic and can’t wait to spend the day with your significant other and get as rom-com as humanly possible. 2. You dread the thought of Valentine’s day. You would rather scoop out your own eyes with a melon baller. 3. Meh. Whatever. It’s a Wednesday. Nevertheless, love is in the air and there’s no point in trying to run from it. Thankfully, Color Science is here to commiserate with a brand new music video that showcases all of the awkward intricacies of dating.

Color Science is, by all means, a pop act, but they take solace in discovering their love of songwriting through mid-aughts emo. That influence shows as the act’s sound is reminiscent of PlayRadioPlay meets The Scene Aesthetic– blending the immediately dancey and electronic vibes of dance music with the saccharine and lovestruck woe’s of melancholy Myspace pop-songs.

The video starts and we’re in the throws of a singles night. Viewers are put immediately in the hot seat as a part of the rotating cast of faces during the rapid-fire succession of speed daters. The only reprieve from the tangible awkwardness of these first dates comes in the form of goofy and performative shots of Color Science’s own Karl Fernandez. It’s a fun and explorative escape from the woes of the real world — and catchy enough to keep us baited for updates on their upcoming, tba, EP.

The music video for “Clorazepate” can be seen above.