Pennsylvania rock band Grayscale were a standout on the latest Punk Goes Pop release, and now their take on Justin Bieber‘s smash hit “Love Yourself” has a video all its own.

Featuring a stunning performance captured by director Jordan Mizrahi, the video for “Love Yourself” finds Grayscale entertaining a room full of fans. As the group plays those in attendance cover their body in post-it notes featuring adjectives they feel describe how people see them. The band takes in the sight of these messages briefly before using a leaf blower to cast them into the sky. It’s a powerful metaphor executed in simple fashion, and it’s a lot of fun to watch unfold.

In our official review of Punk Goes Pop Vol. 7 Managing Editor James Shotwell wrote:

Pennsylvania’s Grayscale is about to be a band on the tip of everyone’s tongue, and that success will be owed largely to this cover of what is arguably one of Justin Bieber’s most popular songs. In fact, the band’s take on “Love Yourself” is without question one of the best recordings ever produced by the Punk Goes… series. It’s probably in the top three, but definitely top five, and if there is any kind of justice in this chaotic universe, the release of this cover will catapult the group into the music stratosphere. I would pay the full album price just to have this song with me wherever I go, and I sincerely hope the group adds the song to their live sets as they continue supporting their recently released album, Adornment, on the road this fall.

Punk Goes Pop Vol. 7 is available now wherever music is sold.