Born Without Bones seems to be indie-rocks best keep secret right now. Years of touring and self-releasing records has allowed the band to create a sound that feels fresh while taking influence from the high-flying pop-rock of the mid-to-late 90’s. Young At The Bend is a shining example of this. Bouncy riffs and huge choruses crash around raw and unpolished vocals to create something beautiful.

I’m beyond excited to share the music video for “Muscle” with y’all today. The lack of color in the music video works in stark contrast to the vibrant nature of the song, which is built around these bouncy riff changes and Scott’s gritty vocals. When asked to speak on the song and video, vocalist Scott Ayotte says,

‘Muscle’ was the very first song we wrote for Young At The Bend. I woke up at a friends house after a party one morning and I had the chord changes. It reminded me of Nirvana but it had some jazzy these inverted chords in it that were fun to play. The chords carried a melody pretty much instantly. We worked on the song for no more than three practices and it was done.

‘Muscle’ is about feeling you’re being relied on too heavily. I wrote it from the perspective of someone who is often the shoulder to cry on for their loved ones but feels their advice/support are going in one ear and out the other.

Our good friend Stephen Petto filmed the video while he was out with us this past June. The shots all come from the first four shows of the Young At The Bend tour back in June. It’s a brief glimpse into what it’s like to travel with us for a few days. It’s interesting for me to watch because I have such bad tunnel vision on tour. I stare at my phone way too much to notice anything around me. He got all these great shots of city skylines and even a couple kissing. I notice none of these things anymore when I travel, especially in the northeast on highways that I’ve driven on more times than I remember. It’s weird to see us kind of on autopilot in those places whereas when we’re somewhere like the west coast it sort of flips. We pay attention to all the beauty around us and get distracted by that rather than whatever show we’re playing that night.

The music video for “Muscle” can be seen above.

“Muscle” comes from the new Born Without Bones album, Young At The Bend, which was released earlier this year. Grab your copy of the record here, and be sure to catch them on tour with Super American this Fall.

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