Berkeley psych-rock band Crooked Flower have a brand new EP out this week, and you’re gonna want to spend the 24 minutes it takes to experience it in full.

Darkness And Light closes with a near-12-minute experimental jam session filled with groove and various instrumentation, but only after an acoustic-led ballad of sorts that touches on an entirely different side of the rock spectrum—reminiscent of some of the best alternative songs of the ’90s from some of the most memorable women of the genre. This half of the release, up against its other two tracks, posits the variation that can be found across the EP’s whole; a welcoming gamut of dynamics fronted by an equally welcoming vocal presence from frontwoman Angie Dang.

You can stream Darkness And Light below in its entirety via Spotify. And if you’d like to see and hear more from the band, you can check out their videos on their YouTube channel. Let us know what you think.