We all have those nights where we try to go to sleep but can’t seem to shake a negative thought. Maybe you try to get up and get some water or watch some TV, but the thought prevails. New York, punk rock band, Pass Away is no stranger to this feeling, which shows in their newest single, “Terrible Feelings.”

This single comes from Pass Away’s upcoming album The Hell I’ve Always Seen due on May 25 via Suburbia Records. If you’re unfamiliar with Pass Away, the band features members of I Am The Avalanche and Crime In Stereo. Last week they released the single “Brooklyn Sky” and today we are pleased to premiere “Terrible Feelings.” Check out the song and tracklisting for The Hell I’ve Always Seen below. Additionally, you can pre-order the album here.


The Hell I’ve Always Seen Track Listing:

  1. NOLA

  2. Minus The Care

  3. Crypt Keeper

  4. Brooklyn Sky

  5. Grinning Ghosts

  6. St Piracci

  7. Terrible Feelings

  8. Call The Guy

  9. Town’s End

  10. Bummer

  11. Totally Fucked

  12. John Dice

  13. Drinking, Smoking, Listening

  14. Thousand Oaks