The alternative-rock band, The Brevet has released their new single with an accompanying video for “Shapeshifter.”

The band’s sound draws from folk, surf, and R&B influence but doesn’t shy away from thundering rhythms, vibing guitars, and progressive synths. 

This track is the most personal and lyrically sophisticated for the California three-piece. It tackles perception and identity in the digital age with subtle nuance and blunt force. 

The song remains as cinematic as ever, containing rousing choruses and sing-along hooks, which carry more weight. 

When it comes to the single, “The entire meaning of the song is about the search for meaning in life and being fearful of the unknown. During this search we can sometimes lose our way and focus on material things like money, greed, fame, etc. and “shapeshift” into something we didn’t set out to become.”