Jackson Wooten combines his heart-felt poetry with moving melodies to create a sound at the intersection of folk, rock, and pop.

Today he is out with “Flower.”

Wooten comments, “Flower was written as a love letter to someone who was going through some serious struggles at the time. The song grew to become a symbol of hope for the two of us – no matter how terrible the world was around us, we had each other and our love. I hope others hear it and know they aren’t alone in feeling overwhelmed with dismay, and even in this crazy messed up world we live in, there is a light in the darkness.”

His fragile heart introduced the tracks of “Dirt,” “Honey,” and “Misty,” with personal emotions so heavy that we encompass them as our own. He spent the last year writing and co-producing new music. His 8-song album is set to release January 2021 with the lead singles out this and the following month.