Acclaimed singer/songwriter Alex Warren has released his vulnerable and powerful new single, “Give. You Love.”

The track finds the multi-talented singer embracing commitment after a history of past trauma, and perhaps unsurprisingly has already gone viral on TikTok due to teasers earning more than 50 million combined views thus far.

Produced by Adam Yaron (with whom Warren recently collaborated on the heartfelt “Chasing Shadows”) and co-written by Warren, Yaron, and Nolan Sipe (who also co-wrote “Chasing Shadows”), “Give You Love” is inspired by Alex’s love story with his fiancée, KouvrAnnon.

“‘Give You Love’ is about my struggles with trust,” says Warren. “In every relationship, I gave it my all and let people in just to get hurt each time. This record was a plea to my now-fiancée, hoping that when we met, what I felt was reciprocated and she wouldn’t betray or throw away my love. This was me telling her that what I’d been through makes it difficult to fully let her in but at the same time, I still had hope this would be different, which it was.”

Listen to “Give You Love” below.