Photo by Brett Ballachino

spoiler alert: the state of New Jersey seemingly can’t be stopped

In the summer of 2016, Save Face released an EP called Folly and steamrolled out of New Jersey and into our hearts with their high flying and soulful brand of indie rock. That record is packed to the brim with the kind of buoyant and effervescent brand of pop-rock that could have only come from the garden state. It’s a solid introduction to a band with enough talent to swallow the scene they born from and move on to something greater, which can be seen in the way that Tyler Povanda’s saccharine vocals glide and soar throughout–reaching heart-wrenching peaks on songs like “Ditched,” “Overdue,” and “Folly.”

As we approach the end of 2017, Save Face is back with a re-imagined version of the record that made the world fall in love with them. Folly: On The Rocks is a stripped down and, somehow, even more intimate version of their debut and manages to breathe a new life into songs that have already made themselves at home in your head. The phrase “on the rocks” alludes to alcohol, and true to that allusion, the record feels warm and stripped of any and all inhibition. It’s a mostly acoustic affair-only swapping the guitar for a melancholic turn on the piano-that sees Save Face at their most raw and willing to bare the entirety of their soul to the world.

“Preoccupied” was already a song that pulled at the heartstrings with lyrics like “Were you bored, or just preoccupied with the important things in your life? Why can’t I ever find myself on the better half of your mind?” The big difference is that, now, listeners aren’t finding release in the musical crash and Povanda’s throaty and emotionally exhausted growls. This version of the track is a haunting piano ballad that drives the emotional fragility of and an oft-disposable narrator whose looking for their place with somebody in a world that pushes the “importance” of romance in your face at every turn.

Folly: On The Rocks is an emotionally taxing, devastating, and beautiful re-imagining of an already incredible record. It’s due for release on November 17th through the never-ending machine of sick that is Take This To Heart Records. You can stream the record in full below.

Folly: On The Rocks is available November 17th on Take This To Heart Records. Pre-order your copy here.