The Vic // Chicago, IL // January 25, 2019

MØ’s dance moves and velvet voice brought some much needed heat to Chicago.

Danish electropop superstar has been coming to Chicago every winter since 2017. Last year, she co-headlined at The Vic with Cashmere Cat, but this year, she was all on her own. Her new album, Forever Neverland, combines her classic soft voice with trippy electro rhythm. Fans waited outside in super chilly weather to be front row, but none of these die-hard concert goers seemed to mind the temperature. As the house lights dimmed and the crowd screamed in excitement, the stage turned a warm purple and MØ’s backing band took their place on the risers. Silhouettes of palm trees created big tropical shadows on the band, and MØ slowly wandered out, dressed in platform tennis shoes and a big black hat. She started off her show with “Purple Like the Summer Rain”, the closing track from Forever Neverland. It’s a chill dance song, perfect for starting off the evening and getting everyone in the mood to dance.

Photo by Kate Scott

As the night went on, MØ’s energy kept climbing, literally. She was all over the venue;  from the front of the stage to the top of the balcony, it felt like she couldn’t be contained to just one part of the theatre. She didn’t just rely on her dance moves, though. MØ’s voice live is just as beautiful as it is on her records, but she adds an extra level of emotion in front of an audience. Towards the end of the night, she sang her massive hit “Lean On“, a collaboration with Major Lazer that has over 2 billion views on YouTube and has been considered by some as the most popular song of all time. Although every single person in the crowd knew the song by heart, MØ’s performance felt completely unique, like it was just for her Chicago fans. There’s no doubt that undying love for her fans was felt in the next city she played too. I can only hope she’s back next year and keeps me warm on a particularly cold winter night.

MØ is currently on tour promoting her new album, Forever Neverland. For tickets to see her incredible live show, click HERE.