Laptop dream pop project Between Friends, featuring Savannah and Brandon Hudson and drummer Brennan Benko, have released their new single “affection” and its accompanying video today.

The video features the band in a car, driving aimlessly through the streets of LA at night, serving up a chilled-out, carefree spirit and flashes of LA glamour through a raw lens.

“affection” represents what BETWEEN FRIENDS is at heart … a do-it-yourself project from top to bottom, hell bent on avoiding any boundaries or veils, breaking the fourth wall of their little art collective where everyone is invited to join. “affection is a song very close to us,” the band said of the new song. “At that particular time we made it, we were all individually and collectively going through a major growth period. In every sense, we kept falling back into relationships that weren’t necessarily good for us. Creating it felt like a therapeutic, almost ‘Fleetwood Mac’ way of getting through it.”

All three members of Between Friends were formerly members of indie-pop five-piece The Heirs, and before that Brandon and Savannah were known for their appearance on season eight of America’s Got Talent. Now the trio invite everyone to join and share in their creation – it can be just between friends.