No matter how life is going at the moment, it’s never a bad idea to give some thought about the direction you want your future to go. There’s always value in having a plan to get where you want to go and examining the path you took to right now. That path might not have been easy, but it’s still your path. Philadelphia band Palmas has dug into this type of thought and planning on their new single “Where Are You Going?”, which dropped today (via Atwood Magazine).

The guitar on “Where Are You Going?” is the star of the show, coming in immediately with a high octane riff that wouldn’t be out of place on the best ’70s rock songs. That guitar fades into the background throughout the rest of the track, but still pops back up periodically to give the music a little boost. The lilting vocals on the chorus of “Where Are You Going?” give a good sense of the reflection that the lyrics convey, while also showing a hint of apprehension about what might come next. That the track ends on the same riff that it begins on is also a nice touch, a reminder that many of our behaviors and paths in life are cyclical.

You can listen to Palmas’ new single “Where Are You Going?” below.