Earlier this week pop artist Au/Ra released the video for “Emoji,” her latest single. Alongside the release came more news: her first EP would be out at the end of the week. It’s now Friday, and just as announced, Au/Ra’s debut project is here. Titled X Games, the 16-year-old’s EP dropped this morning.

X Games is six tracks long, split between two we’ve heard before and four brand new songs. In the former category, we have “Emoji” and Au/Ra’s early 2018 jam “Panic Room.” The four new tracks–”Ultraviolet,” “X Games,” “White Knuckles,” and “Outlaws”–showcase more of the dark, expansive electro-pop sound that Au/Ra has refined over the last couple years. All of the songs on X Games are solid, but there are a couple standouts. In particular, “X Games” with its heartbroken threats and “White Knuckles” with an urgent intensity in the music are highlights of the EP.

X Games is streaming now. You can find the album art, track list, and Spotify stream below. In addition, check out our interview with Au/Ra from this past March here.

au/ra X Games

X GAMES Track List
1. Ultraviolet
2. Panic Room
3. X Games
4. Emoji
5. White Knuckles
6. Outlaw