OSTON is transplanted in Chicago via Park City, Utah and is heavily influenced by her upbringing. She embarks on her musical journey as an artist that exemplifies what its like being a misfit; having grown up in a Mormon community while being non-religious. The continuous struggle if being a young woman with what the world consider’s a boy name, OSTON — real name Austin Wolfe — has embraced the androgyny in her name and in her music, as well.

OSTON is releasing her new EP, Sitting at the Kids Table, to perfectly demonstrate this ideology through incredible melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and covered in a unique production that is neither organic nor synthetic. Today, we are proud to be premiering the new single from the former top 30 American Idol contestant, “Bad.”

“‘Bad’ is a song that touches on the harsh realities of todays dating scene. People are scared to commit to one another because of too many options, while at the same time desperately wanting someone. So this song is a call to all of us that have fallen for someone too hard too fast and have been left reeling in the dust or have been made to feel like just another option,” explains OSTON.

“Bad” was produced by Lady Gaga‘s former producer, Dino Zisis, and masterfully puts on display OSTON’s brad of indie-pop. It’s an uplifting track that is written for those who have fallen too hard, too fast and wound up left behind in the end.”Bad” is an incredible journey of a song, featuring a steady beat throughout, haunting yet hopeful melodies, and an impressively powerful vocal delivery. “Bad” is constant push-and-pull, will take you through many different directions, and will instantly hook you and make you want to put the track on repeat.

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