Life is all about learning. We learn from our teachers in school. We learn from our friends as we grow and change. Learning from ourselves is an integral part of life. We also learn from our parents, both as children and adults. While all of these people teach us the good things to know in life, unfortunately they can also inadvertently teach us the bad parts, as well. Knowing how to avoid the mistakes of the past is a tough, never-ending process. Colton Holliday–the mind behind musical project Panic Division–is in the middle of that process himself. He’s addressing it head on with the premiere of his new single “Mother, Father,” taken from his upcoming album Touch.

The sound of “Mother, Father” is immediately arresting, washing over the listener with a sea of warm synths and percussion that wouldn’t be out of place in the best ’80s club hits. Holliday reveals how much he tends to dwell on his past, and the unhealthy ways he has tended to handle it in the past. The title comes from him likening the experience to that of his parents, who we find out handled situations in the same way. It’s an incredibly honest, brave track, with Holliday withholding not details at all. It also sounds phenomenal, with little touches like the quick flourish of a keyboard or an echoing, soaring backing vocal line popping up in each moment to liven the track up. If “Mother, Father” is any indication, fans should be very excited about Touch.

The inspiration behind “Mother, Father” is a completely genuine reflection of Holliday’s history. He says, “I was a child of a divorced family and have always sworn to not make the mistakes my parents did. After a terrifying hospital visit and being instructed to stop drinking liquor for good, I went through a dark period where I couldn’t believe the amount of weight my wife carries for me and worried that I would eventually lose her as a result of it.”

You can listen to “Mother, Father” below. Touch is set for release on June 14.