Striving to find joy in every day is something I firmly believe in. Whether it’s reading a favorite book or cooking a good meal, just a small moment of happiness can make anything better. That joy can also come from music, naturally. Today has been especially joyful because of Jelly, the LA-based K-Pop group whose members (Emily Yang, Jennie Kim, and Yume Han) are all mothers. Today they have shared their new single and video “Shake It Like A Mutha,” (premiered via Parade) and it is an absolute delight.

The track itself is an upbeat dance track, full of fantastic beats and a pulsing synth collection that will instantly endear itself to listeners. The three members’ voices swirl in and out of the electronic blast, leaving no doubt in the lyrics how hard they work as moms and how much they’re going to cut loose when they get the chance. Even for those who aren’t moms, “Shake It Like a Mutha” will be a fun listen.

The music video is equally incredible. The main section of the video is animated, and sees the trio doing their best to take care of everything moms have to do and more, including fighting giant monsters. The animated sections are intercut with real life footage of what their lives are like, including napping whenever they get the chance, holding meetings with all the other moms, and dictating what the animated section should look like. The video perfectly matches the playful tone of the song.

Let Jelly brighten up your day and watch/listen to “Shake It Like a Mutha” for yourself below.