The last time that I sat down to talk about The Most Dangerous Animal with Y’all, the band was pushing pre-orders for a lathe-cut featuring two new songs, including the single “Sillouhette Ghost” and another new song called “Blur Together.” This served as the post-hardcore act’s zombified hand raising from the grave and was effectively the first baby-steps towards the full-sprint into an incredible new album called Hot Brain that’s due out this Friday, March 9th, in partnership Michigan’s favorite emo label, Save Your Generation Records.

Today, we’re giving you an open look into the reality of what it is to be in The Most Dangerous Animal through the music video for a new song called “Go To Hell.” The video shows the band in plain clothes, playing in a garage, and exists seemingly in stark contrast to that of “Sillouhette Ghost” in that regard. The prior was a darkly fantastical and ritualistic portrayal of the band’s primal energy that created a shroud of mystery while this one seems to exist in order to strip all of that away. It works well with the kind of stripped-down energy we get from the track.

It’s definitely a slower song for The Most Dangerous Animal, opting to keep us enthralled with their harmonious marriage of lo-fidelity punk-rock and raucous hardcore instead of barreling through the powerfully cathartic and wistful energy of their previous material. It feels purposefully sloppy and leaves listeners searching for the same sense of purpose and direction as the narrator does — building up to the melancholic refrain of the track’s final lyrics “everyone can go to hell/because that’s already where I am.”

Hot Brain is out March 9th on Save Your Generation Records and can be pre-ordered here. The record was produced by Raymond Andrew Jeffrey (Hanson, Taking Back Sunday, Dropkick Murphys and more) at Rancho Recordo in Fenton, MI and mastered by Troy Glessner (death cab for cutie, Pedro the lion, Harvey danger, one direction). The band is celebrating the release of this record on Saturday, March 10th. More info on that can be found below.

The Most Dangerous Animal release show

The music video for “Go To Hell” can be seen above.