It’s been a solid two years since we’ve heard anything from Michigan based post-hardcore veterans The Most Dangerous Animal. Since the release of their double single Money/Time, they’ve been working on something that is sure to ignite a flame within fans old and new, creating a soundscape that transcends anything the band could have dreamed of doing until now. A new album called Hot Brain will be released on Save Your Generation Records this Fall, but not before a limited edition lathe cut featuring two incredible new songs that showcase what you can expect from their long-awaited return to long-form.

Today, I’m excited to share the music video for lead single “Silouhette Ghost.” The track trades in some of the voraciousness and angst of their previous material in for a more sharpened and refined edge. This change allowed for The Most Dangerous Animal to sound their absolute tightest; gone are the days of the chaotic and destructive nature of The Most Dangerous Animal. They’ve swapped frantic guitars for eerie synths and riffs that will bury themselves in your spine and the vocals feel more reminiscent of bands like Rage Against The Machine or the Beastie Boys; a weird mix of shouting, talking, and singing that communicates emotion surprisingly well.

This video feels ritualistic; taking place in a cemetery and seeing the band playing covered in face paint usually tied to something much darker, there is no question that it was meant to usher in a whole new era for the band. One that sees them translate their anger and frustration into a piece of art that is technical and complex.

The limited edition lathe-cut will be available 10/31 on Save Your Generation Records. Pre-order your copy here or download the songs upon release hereHot Brain will be available this fall. The music video for “Silouhette Ghost” can be seen above.