Yet another reminder of what can go wrong when concert security fails to do their job…

This past weekend, the Growlers, the band that formerly curated the California music festival Beach Goth, headlined their own Growlers Six festival at the Los Angeles Waterfront. The two-day festival was headlined both nights by The Growlers, with additional performances from Modest Mouse, Dan Auerbach, and more. We were not on sight and had no plans to cover the event, but then a video began making the rounds online that we simply could not ignore. The clip involves LA punk band The Regrettes, specifically vocalist Lydia Night, and a crazy concertgoer who apparently had it out for the beloved singer.

According to people at the festival, in the middle of The Regrettes’ performance a woman began making her way through the crowd by pushing and otherwise hurting other attendees. At some point the woman made it to the barrier, jumped it without security noticing, and proceeded to run onto the stage while the band was playing. Within moments she was center stage, and just as Night noticed her the woman pushed the vocalist to the ground. You can view two clips from the incident captured by people in the crowd below:

It’s clear from both videos that this festival had poor security on hand. The concertgoer who assaulted night was reportedly causing havoc long before getting on stage, which should have been a sign to security that action was needed. Instead, the video clearly shows no member of security responding to the woman’s presence until after Night is pushed to the ground.

Night recently took to Instagram to comment on the incident. In her post she said, among other things, ““Yesterday, someone invaded my safe space in an aggressive manner and that is absolutely not okay. Thank you for all of your concern and love. I am still pretty shocked about what went down, but I will be totally fine. I did not know the girl who attacked me. I was told she was on a lot of drugs and mistook me for someone else.” You can read her full statement below.