The rise of PRETTYMUCH continues with a certified bop dedicated to the girls who catch their eye.

The space between realizing the connection you share with someone is special and taking steps to be with that person often feels like a limitless chasm. We know whether or not we are attracted to someone within moments of meeting them, but to do something about it, let alone ask if they feel the same, is the stuff anxiety-laden nightmares are made from. We have no advice to offer, but thankfully the young men of PRETTYMUCH have delivered an anthem that encourages those longing for love to be patient.

Titled “10,000 Hours,” the latest from PRETTYMUCH plays like a declaration of devotion to the person who has your heart. The chorus features a promise take as much as ten-thousand hours to master the art of loving another person the way they need to be loved. It’s a commitment to selflessness set to song, and it’s incredibly infectious. You can hear the song via the track’s official video, which can now be viewed at the top of this post.

Substream has been following PRETTYMUCH for about a year now, and we recently had the opportunity to collaborate with the group on something exclusive for our readers. We cannot provide additional details at this time, but if you follow Substream on Twitter we promise you will be among the first to know what’s up when all is revealed.