Nick Rosen operates under the moniker Sloane, and his music career has taken all sorts of turns along the way. The former jazz-prodigy has turned into a soundtrack guru, and it’s as smooth as it is addictively engaging.

Tomorrow, May 22nd, Rosen will be releasing the next single of a collection of experimental electro-pop gems, “Too Young to Be Lonely.” It serves as the title track off an upcoming EP to be released later this year. The six-track EP is captivating and proof that Sloane is a project that is vast and expansive; grappling with depression, loneliness, and the hollow nature of our social media-obsessed society.

The EP is deceivingly upbeat, packaging heavy reckoning inside of shiny, glittering musical productions. It’s that mix of dark and light that is at the heart of Rosen’s mission with the Sloane moniker. Using music as a way to exorcise some of his own personal demons, and hopes that his music can do the same for those who listen, as well.

Now, one day ahead of the title-track’s release, Substream is thrilled to be teaming up with Sloane to exclusively debut “Too Young to Be Lonely.” The song is a deeply personal track that talks about the struggles of having to end a relationship that’s simply not working. It’s fitting as the title-track, illustrating how Sloane is able to make engaging pop music with lyrical content that’s coming from the heart.

“This song is about letting go of a bad relationship, trying to work through, ‘Why it isn’t working? Why do we feel like enemies?’ In the end I’m too young to be this lonely or hurt because of someone, I haven’t even started to do half the things I know I can do yet, so I wanted to make a song that I could dance to that was anthemic to remind myself that I’m too young to be lonely.” Rosen tells Substream.

Listen to the new single below.