Los Angeles-based rock band Arden And The Wolves recently released a brand new EP, aptly titled Who Can You Trust? The five-track effort touches on several personal obstacles and coping with damage done by the ill will of others. Ultimately, frontwoman Arden Leigh says that she hopes “that it weaves healing into the collective organically.”

“Writing and recording the EP has been possibly the most magical, psychedelic experience of my life, taking me on a journey of self-transformation that I couldn’t possibly have anticipated at its outset,” says Leigh. “I had also set an intention at the start of that year to heal from previous relationships and undo all the fear programming that a slew of betrayals, abandonments, and sexual assaults had left me with.”

Those personal struggles and the effects of the failures committed by fellow humans are strong in the moody, emotive rock of Who Can You Trust? Listen below via Bandcamp and see what we mean.