The name Ciaran O’Donnell might not be that familiar to you right now, but I can guarantee that you’ve heard some of his work. He spent the better half of the last five years as a touring member of punk’s favorite weirdos, The Front Bottoms, and left a huge mark on the sound that band brought to the table post-self-titled. There’s an attitude to the way he plays that translates so perfectly to his sonic output– accurately capturing all of the quirks and nuance of his personality and throwing it into his craft that serves as the backbone of his new project, Rat Kid Cool.

Today, Rat Kid Cool announced their debut album will be called Year Of The Rat and will be released on March 16th in partnership with Take This To Heart Records, which is a label that always seems to be a step ahead of the curve. The album is full of strange opulence; the delicate parts of O’Donnell’s personality are on full display as the album starts to unravel and show the fleshed out power that he’s bringing to the table this go-round. Year Of The Rat is a bold album title, but it’s a stake at a claim that I’m willing to hand to them at this point in time.

They shared a new song called “Patagonia” via Gold Flake Paint today and it can be heard below.

Year Of The Rat is out March 16th on Take This To Heart Records and can be pre-ordered here.