Relationships are great, whether they be strong friendships or something romantic. Relationships are also super scary, and the need for validation of feelings between two people is extremely important for a healthy relationship. Personally, I know this is the case, and I’m grateful to everyone in my life who has provided that validation for me. If you’re thinking that feeling is the kind of thing that would be perfect for a pop song, you are reading the right post. LA-based pop singer ANNALIA sings about just that experience on her new single “Dust,” which we are thrilled to premiere today.

“Dust” is a suitable name for the single, as the music swirls and glides around the listener. There’s a funky little riff that wouldn’t be out of place in some of the great ’80s pop singles, and that riff combines with the more modern synths to create a track that combines the best of pop from across the ages. The title comes from the chorus, where ANNALIA sings “I want to settle into us like dust.” Not only is the delivery as infectious as you could ever want, it’s incredibly clever. The idea of settling into a relationship over time is instantly relatable, and what better way to visualize that then through the concept of dust settling onto something well-loved and cherished?

Asked about the new track, ANNALIA said “‘Dust’ is about what it feels like to need time to settle into something, to ensure that you don’t mess it up in any way. It’s about asking for patience so that a strong connection can form and a relationship can blossom into vulnerability and comfort… while also touching on the aspect of the need for affirmation and reassurance within a relationship.”

You can listen to the stream of “Dust” below. “Dust” is from ANNALIA’s forthcoming debut EP, so this won’t be the last time you’ll be hearing from her. Stay tuned to Substream in the future for more.

Featured photo credit: Jade Ehlers