If you’ve been reading Substream for a while, you may have seen our weekly Take Five column, where we highlight our five favorite songs from the previous week. For the month of December, we wanted to highlight of our love and appreciation of the holidays by doing something special for our readers. So for this month, we present you with a special variation of Take Five with the Holiday Five.

We’ve gotten together with some amazing artists and music industry people to chat about their five favorite holiday movies. This will be more than a weekly column, so be sure to check in every day to see who joined us to talk about their favorite holiday movies.

Our next next this month comes from Janet Devlin — head below to see what their favorite holiday films are!

Edward Scissorhands – It may not be a typical holiday film (or even qualify at all to the purists) BUT I love nothing more than watching this at the festive season. It brings together all things gothic romance, comedy and feel good. This became a must-watch for me when I hit my “I hate Christmas”/“I’m an emo teen” phase. The only downside is I’m left wanting my very own Johnny Depp emo puppy of my own when it’s over and lets face it, no man is that perfect.

Home Alone – A movie so iconic that the poster is even famous. Slapstick comedy and a small child, what could possibly go wrong – everything! But that’s what makes this movie so amazing! I just remember being a miniature human watching this every year and laughing as hard as I did the first time. Not only that, I remember loving the fact that my parents and my grandmother would be loving it as much as I did. This is so much a part of my holidays that I don’t think I’ve gone one year without saying ‘Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal’. However, I haven’t been able to watch this movie for a few years because my brother had it on loop for three days straight in 2016.

Elf – This is it. The One. The Daddy of all holiday movies. This is hands down my favourite holiday movie of all time. Now, this may be because I went to see it in the cinema when it first came out and that would bring me great joy to tell my grandkids OR it’s just that damn good. I love this film so much that I even quote it out of season. I can’t think of anything more pure than the golden retriever energy I get from Buddy the elf. I feel like he’s my holiday spirit animal – from his love for singing to his obsession with sweets. On my first ever snowy trip to NYC I remember telling my team of how much it reminded me of the bottled sunshine that is Elf. If you can’t tell by now, the movie is my ride or die festive film and I will watch it every year without fail.

Love, Actually – I may not be one for love stories, but strangely I feel that is exactly why I love this movie. The cross- over plots of other people’s chaotic love lives brings me the oddest form of contentment. Maybe it’s me being jaded from my singlehood in London, who knows?? Any movie with a Hugh Grant dance scene, a wholesome Liam Neeson and more ugly jumpers than you could shake a stick at, is a winner in my books. Also, I’m a sucker for comedic portrayals of the music industry in any movie and this one just so happens to have one of my favourites.

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas – As a sucker for all things Jim Carrey, of course this movie had to be on my list. As much as I’d like to be more on the side of a citizen of Whoville, I relate much more to the character of the Grinch! Especially the scene where the Grinch himself is looking for an outfit to wear – no cinematic scene has ever been more me at the holiday season. To be honest the quotes; “Am I just eating because I’m bored?”, “I guess I could use a little social interaction” and “Help me! I’m… FEELING!!” sum me up pretty accurately as a human being 365 days of the year!