The march towards LANY‘s inevitable domination of summer radio has been carrying forward for some time now. Between their various EPs from the last couple years and the parade of new songs in recent months, we’ve got a solid idea of what’s coming on the band’s upcoming self-titled album. That’s not stopping them from giving us even more music to enjoy, as the band released new song “The Breakup” earlier today.

While the song is titled “The Breakup,” it’s not about just one breakup. Paul Klein sings of the ache that comes from any and all breakups, especially when you’re the type of person that quickly falls in love and falls hard when they do. Of course since this is LANY, while the song is drenched in melancholy feelings, it’s also an extremely fun listen with waterfall-like synths and a hook with near infinite replay value.

LANY’s self-titled debut is out on June 30. Pre-orders are available now, and you can stream “The Breakup” through Spotify below.