We might not think about it this way, but being part of a band is like being on a team. Everyone has their own roles to fill, and working together is a requirement to succeed. Nashville quintet The Pressure Kids recognized this on their catchy 2018 single “Team,” and it’s clear the group is close-knit just from listening. It’s made even clearer today, with the athletically inspired music video for “Team.”

The music video is presented largely like an ’80s teen movie. Each member of the band is an outsider in school, struggling to get by on their own. We see each of them in their own awkward situations (“Justin” writing “eggs” on a calculator to impress a girl really hits home for my high school self). The video is presented in chapters, and the story kicks into high gear when a mysterious stranger approaches each member of the band with soccer equipment. From there we see a funny montage of the group working on their soccer skills. It turns out they might not be the best at soccer, as they get the crap kicked out of them by a group of children. Rest assured, the video does have the triumphant ending it so deserves.

The band had a great time creating the music video. They say “”We knew that we wanted to create a storyline-driven music video, and became excited by the idea of flipping the ‘high school nerd gets made over’ cliché on its head a little bit. We drew directly from our adolescent selves: Zach really did wear eyeliner, Allan loved his Ibanez, Nick ate waffles every day after school, Justin wore out his skater apparel, Katy sported the exact same SNL ‘Lazy Sunday’ t-shirt. Wanting to land somewhere in between Rushmore and Kicking and Screaming, we cast the sweetest young actors as our opponents, playing younger versions of ourselves. In that way, the game represents internal battles brought to life.”

Get your cleats ready and watch The Pressure Kids in the music video for “Team” now.