Aerosmith once wrote that falling in love is hard on the knees, but that doesn’t come close to describing how one young man must be feeling this morning.

Anyone who has been to enough concerts knows the moment I am about to describe. Picture yourself standing in the crowd for your favorite band’s latest headlining show. Midway through the performance the vocalist backs away from the microphone and someone, likely unknown to you, appears on stage. This is usually a guy, but sometimes a girl, and following not far behind is their significant other. The crowd doesn’t know what is about to happen, but within moments one of the strangers on stage will ask the other to marry them while standing in front of hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of people. When this happens the crowd goes wild and the couple shares an embrace.

…But what if the proposal was rejected?

Recently, one young man attending a Front Bottoms headlining show found out the hard way that not everyone is as excited about the thought of marriage as one might assume. In the middle of the band’s set, this young man came on stage with his girlfriend and popped the question. She, almost immediately, began shaking her head in a way that signaled she would not become his wife anytime soon. In fact, she walked off stage shortly after the young man dropped to his knees, which in turn left the entire crowd unsure how to react. The moments was captured for posterity by one person in the crowd, and now you can cringe along with everyone else to the moment this person’s hope for romance was crushed:

We see a lot of proposals come into our inbox, but in a decade of running Substream this is the first rejection we have seen. If you have a crazy video from a recent concert you would like to see on our site, please email links and a story to: [email protected].