It’s always fun when an unusual collaboration produces something great. A case in point is the breathtaking “My Willing Heart” video that James Blake and Natalie Portman crafted together earlier this year. In the same vein is the new video for CHVRCHES’ song, “Down Side of Me,” which was directed by another one of our favorite people, Kristen Stewart.

Stewart definitely has an eye for directing, as she crafts a fantastic visual to go with the track. The idea is simple–just focusing on the band as they perform–but the execution is magnificent. Almost the entire video is composed of extreme closeups on the hands and faces of the band, and at that close proximity, it’s easy to see the subtle emotional expressions and movements in the performance.

The video is part of 7-Inches For Planned Parenthood, a group effort by numerous performers that has culminated in a box set of 7-inch vinyl records with proceeds going to Planned Parenthood. To buy the box set or to make a donation to PP, you can visit the website for 7-Inches.